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Sports have always played an important role in the lives of the Puni family – whether playing, coaching, or working with competitive hockey, soccer, and football programs. The athletic brothers Ajoy, Kavind and Vishal combined their passion for sports, business and medical knowledge to develop the X-ACT Compression shirt – the flagship product for Per4ma Sports Technology LTD – a Montreal-based company established in 2010.

Vishal – a physiotherapist and personal trainer having worked with the Montreal Alouettes (CFL), McGill University Redmen Hockey, Football, and Soccer – designed and developed the patent-pending X-ACT shirt as a performance garment uniquely engineered to provide stability and tension to the shoulder girdle with enhanced postural control for the prevention and treatment of shoulder injuries or for protecting injured or recovering muscles and joints.

​The X-ACT shirt has proven to be the optimal compression garment for improving performance while facilitating recovery.

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